Due Date

Today, July 23, 2012  is my due date.  My babies are 5 weeks old.  They will always be my preemie babies but they become full term babies today!  This is a big deal in their little lives.

And despite the early arrival, they do everything full term babies do…

They eat…

Occasionally Spencer will eat Sidney’s head…

They observe things and plot many ways to take over the world…

Hmmm, I can make this all mine…I can make them bow to my demands…

They worship big sister Emily

The happiest day of the year is when your preschool celebrates Halloween in July and you get to wear your fairy princes dress all day!

They find life to be exhausting and exhaust their parents…

tummy time is the best when you get to nap with daddy

But the bottom line is that they are perfect in every way.  And we are beyond grateful for that.  And so, if I can use my little soap box for a minute, I would like to ask people to not forget about the March of Dimes.  Today my babies are due, but instead they are 5 weeks old.  And without the research conducted on premature babies, I might not be sitting here, grabbing a few minutes to blog while the babies sleep (well, while Spencer sleeps and Sidney swings).  You would never look at my babies and think that we had NICU time.  You would never look at them and think we heard phrases like “born limp” (Sidney).  You would never think that Spencer had to stay an extra day in the NICU because he had a little oxygen dip that was picked up not by monitors, but by his change in color.  I know these kids will grow up to be princesses and knights, just like big sister.   They will run and jump and play and give mom and dad lots of reasons to worry.  But we will worry about their tendency to try to jump off the roof, not about their ability to regulate their own temperature or breathe.  So, in honor of my due date, we have contributed to the March of Dimes, because they helped make sure that my babies are here with me now, to cry and fuss when D and I need to sleep, to make it impossible to leave the house in under 30 minutes, and to act as a human pacifier.  Because all of that is possible, and that is amazing and fabulous!  Don’t get me wrong, sleeping through the night is fabulous too, but that is not necessarily the responsibility of the March of Dimes 🙂

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