One Month Old Twins!

You know, this all started with me trying to entertain myself.  It was March 25, 2009 and D was at work.  Emily and I were home, and OMG OMG OMG she BLINKED!  Quick grab the camera, D will never believe that she actually blinked!  Must get a picture of the world’s greatest and smartest baby BLINKING!  Crap, missed it….  Sigh, and she will likely never blink again…

That impromptu photo shoot yielded this picture

How on earth is this tiny little baby now a 3 year old?

And I sent that picture to D with the subject line, “Greatest picture ever”, and this picture is in a frame on our dresser.  Doesn’t it look like she and the monkey are deep in conversation or more likely, sharing a laugh at my expense? 🙂

We did pictures of Emily with that same monkey in the same chair 12 times, every month on the 25th.

So obviously, I need to take similar pictures of the twins.

When the twins were one day old, D and Emily stopped by a toy store to get the babies some friends.  Emily picked out a turtle for baby girl (swoon, I so badly wanted to do the nursery in turtles, but Em was So insistent on monkeys… so now baby Sidney has a turtle 🙂 ), and another one for herself, and a lion for baby Spencer. So that seemed the natural “prop” for the monthly pictures.


I’ll work on it…

But in an effort to salvage the photo shoot, I took a couple cute sleeping shots (those are the easiest shots to take 🙂 )

and then a few of Spencer with his giant open eyes


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