Happy Fathers’s Day Daddy!

One thing is clear – Emily adores her Daddy.  But, in an effort to salvage my pride/self esteem/etc, she will say, “Daddy, I just love you, but I love mommy too”.  whew!

Still, today, on Father’s Day, it is appropriate to devote a post to Emily and her daddy.

For D’s first Father’s Day, we spent time in the Catskills and Em took her first train ride/trip to Central Park.

For his second Father’s Day, we did the DAD shot.

And his third Father’s Day went undocumented, thanks to Emily’s first (and thankfully only) night terror.

And today was D’s 4th Father’s Day.

Dear Daddy,

Sometimes I am stubborn, and sometimes I forget that it is important to listen to my mommy and my daddy.  I am sorry.  I love you lots and lots and I will try to do better!

I love when we play together.  Today we had so much fun playing with our new kite.  But we need more wind to make it go up in the sky.  I love when we play running very fast and jumping.

I love our bedtime story time and when you cuddle with me before I fall asleep.  I get very sad when I wake up and you are already at work, but I love when I am eating dinner and I see you come home.  Daddy we have so much fun together and I just love you!




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