Morning Sillies

This morning Em forced herself to wake up early enough to see Daddy off, and then we cuddled on the sofa for a bit.  That is when the silliness began.

First, Em patted my belly to say good morning to the babies.  After a few minutes, she scooted off to the corner of the sofa (I was in the middle) and said, “I am too far away, no tickles”.

I am never one to pass up a challenge and funny enough I could reach her still!

She thought this was hysterical!

But then she slapped her leg.  We are a no hitting household – no exceptions!  So I did the serious face and asked her if she hit her leg.

Em: “Non, mommy, I was just patting, like a flamingo”.

wait, what?


From that minute on, every time I said,”Flamingo”, she would fall over laughing.

I love our silly mornings!

And now I  know that flamingos like to pat things.  who knew?


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