Fires and Marshmallows

If you ask Em what she did over the Memorial Day weekend, she will tell you that we made a fire!  We also played with friends, had a bbq, filled up her little pool (my feet loved this), saw grandma and grandpa for lunch and playing, etc…  But we did have a little bonfire.

In reality, D and I had nothing to do with the fire (although he did put it out very well).  We had our neighbors up for a bbq and after we ate, the boys built a fire pit in our back woods.  D grabbed marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, and I grabbed the camera for Em’s first little bonfire.

Em and D before burning me a marshmallow 🙂 YUM!

Em’s first marshmallow

who needs s’mores when you can just eat the graham cracker?

I know the lighting in these pictures is really weird.  The first and third are with the flash, the second is without.  It was light out, but I still felt I needed the flash.  Then the flash makes it look dark out – catch 22….

Oh and the ladder in the background?  No, D&A we STILL need to buy a ladder…  but very time anyone does any work on our house (painting it, putting in soffit vents), they leave behind a ladder.  We are thinking of starting a collection….

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

(Memorial Day ish 2011, right after a trip to Sesame Place)

(Memorial Day ish 2010)

(Memorial Day ish 2009)


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