It all starts with a pillowcase

I love sewing and crafts and all things Martha, but I have never done cushions or slip covers before and all the research I have done, frankly, has me not interested.  But we had 2 cushions that needed to be covered badly!

And it all starts with a pillow case.

This bench is a new addition to our kitchen.  You know how they say people buy houses for kitchens and bathrooms?  Not us!  Our kitchen has a tiny amount of counter space and only a few cabinets.  And no silverware drawer.  Right after we moved in, we got a big armoire that doubled (at least) our cabinet space.  Then a few months ago, we got the matching bench.  I love this bench!  it sits below the green house window and it a fabulous place to sit and relax in the kitchen.  I can sit with Em when she prefers to eat at her little table, or I can just sit.  But the cushion was white.

Tada!!  A king size pillow case and 4 safety pins and it is just as comfortable and can we changed any time we like!  It matches the kitchen, looks good with the baskets  (that are occasionally pulled out to the edge and straight and all nice looking but that is not the point right now), and is a good color overall for us.  I actually think I prefer the white cushion, but it already had marks on it, and once we are a three kid family, white cushions will be insane!

But that got me thinking…

Yesterday the nursery was painted and that led to our second cushion revamp.

Both front bedrooms (sorry Em) have window seats.  They were both painted the same color and had the same cushion.

The yellow in real life is a mustardy semi bright yellow that is all over the rest of the house and it is fine.  Not completely our taste, but I like that the primary paint color is not white, grey or beige.  But those seat cushions….  That yellow does not work for me at all.  I can deal with it in our room because it works with the walls.  But now the nursery is green.

Back to Google,…  how to make a seat cover.  Nope, way too advanced for me, and really, I could barely understand the directions!

But wait, the pillow case worked down in the kitchen…  Nope, not here, the cushion is too wide. The pack and play sheet we have was too short.  Pillow shams?  OK, I know I have 2 somewhere that match our duvet…  But wait!!  CRIB SHEET!

How fabulous is this for a nursery?  It is a crib sheet and 5 safety pins (I put one in the front center to get that line), and looks great!

I also whipped out some wall art for the nursery…

This is a thin wall between the closet and the window seat.  Here is a better shot of the wall width and a better (not still not perfect) shot of the wall color.

I have one more, tiny, hoop that I did not hang.  It had a yellow polka dotted fabric that just is not working for me.  I need to play with that one some more… I want to give a shout out to all the ladies on my board who helped me in my fabric deliberations the other day!  For now, it is cute, fun, LIGHT, touches of color/art on the walls.  Later in life, it might include a 7th hoop and it might not…  Over the changing table and over cribs I only hang light things, just in case….

But this is all weird to me.  I am preparing a nursery for TWO babies!  Picking out the fabric for those hoops I was SO focused on gender neutral, until I saw that gorgeous paisley on top with the pink.  That opened the door for the smaller pink…  So baby boy, if those touches of pink upset you, sorry!  That room has a changing table, a dresser, and thanks to our amazingly generous cousins son is now in a big boy bed, TWO cribs.  For the record, 2 cribs take up a lot of room!  granted they are currently in the middle of the room because of the painting, but still, I assume they still dominate the room when they are in place.  This is getting very real, but at 31 weeks, if the nursery don’t make this feel real, what will??


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