Things that make you go….

Every day Emily amazes me with her actions, and her comments!  And every day she makes my heart smile and go all melty.

Things that make you say ummmmmmmm….

The other day, D came home and Em and I were upstairs reading in her room.   He took her and they ran down to the yard to see the turkeys that have recently moved into the woods nearby.

D: Emily, look those are turkeys!

Em: Like turkey wraps?

D: uhhhh…..

One of the many, many, many turkeys we have seen in the yard lately.

Things that make you nostalgic

Em has 2 new favorite songs, both from Sesame Street, both from my childhood, and they both make my heart melt.  The first is “I’ve Got Two”, featuring Bob, Susan, Gordon and Mr. Hooper!  Does anyone out there (other than me) still remember Mr. Hooper?  It is a sweet song about having 2 body parts, eyes, ears, etc.. and Mr. Hooper sings about “two hands have I, one, two, that can wave good bye…”  awww….  She knows nothing about him of course, but I love hearing her sing along!

She also sings along with her other favorite song, also from my childhood.  Remember this one?  Sing, Sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong?  Em loves it and loves especially to sing along with the la la la part.

This picture has nothing to do with Sesame Street or singing, but I like it and I don’t have a picture of her singing…

Things that make your heart smile

When Em was a baby, I daydreamed about playing in the rain with her one summer day.  Things are getting much harder with this pregnancy, but the other day we did play in the rain after school.  She put on her rain boots and of course, her umbrella, and jumped in every puddle she could find.  And had a blast.

Nothing beats jumping in puddles!

Things that make you give up, laugh and get the camera (and the vacuum)

Tonight Em and I had a surprise for D.  Normally she eats around 6, he comes home around 7, and she is in bed asleep around 8.  Tonight, i decided to shake things up.  We had dinner ready to go at 7 when D got home, so we could do a family dinner.  She went to bed just about 10 minutes late, and dinner was fabulous.  It was so much fun, when we heard the garage door open, Em said we should hide and then when D came in, she ran to him yelling SURPRISE!

But, when she and I were making dinner – baked chicken in sauce and she wanted to add the spices.  No problem, she does this a lot.  But my Fox Point seasoning was a bit hard so I handed her the onion while I loosened the Fox Point.  Did you know the onion does not have a shaker top?  Em thought this was HILARIOUS!

And ENTIRE 2 ounce jar of Panzy’s dried onion. I wanted to add about a tablespoon. Em had other ideas. But the chicken came out really good!

Things that just make you happy

Expecting twins is a scary thing, and even more so with a 3 year old!  I am petrified that Emily will feel neglected.  But D and I have a great support system!  So, without their knowledge, and with hopes that they are all ok with being immortalized in Emily’s online baby book, I give you a Mother’s Day family shot.  In this picture, Em is trying to walk off the sofa and is being restrained by D and myself, and grandma had just run into the picture.  The first shot is a better one, but this one, to me, if more fun, and more “the family”.

Mother’s Day 2012

And one more shot of things that make you happy, because I feel like it.


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