A swinging good time for Mother’s Day

Any parent, well, any paparazzi style parent, will tell you that one of the hardest shots to get is the “swing shot”.  I cannot tell you how many times I have Googled, “how to take pictures of my child on the swings”.   The problem is focus.  The truth is that the swing is moving REALLY fast, compared to the camera.  I do have a fancy schmancy SLR “real” camera, the kind that uses film (anyone remember what film is?).   But I never pull it out because the digital is easier and I can take a million shots and throw half away.

Anyway, I can’t say I have mastered swing pictures, and unfortunately, I can’t even offer great tips (which sucks mostly because I would have used them again), but I can say that I got some GREAT swing shots this week!

One day after school we took a random trip to our favorite local park

This is not a great shot, but I like it. This is a pretty standard swing shot.  For me, it is a GREAT one!  I think the issue though is that the swing set at our house is back by the woods, which affects my lighting.  Also, generally, I take Em to parks during the week, and it is hard to shoot and push at the same time.

Then came out Mother’s Day.  Every Mother’s Day I have the same request.  I want to spend the day with D and Emily, picnicking in Central Park, visiting the zoo, the play areas, the carrousel, and just hanging out.  And every year it is just too cold (I think one year it may have also been rainy).  So this year we amended it to the beach.  We took a picnic lunch, the kite, a shovel and pail, and had a great afternoon.   A great sunny, very very VERY sunny afternoon.

And I got some GREAT swing shots!

OMG OMG OMG I love that shot!  The focus, the tree, her wide open mouth!

Dark, but still cool.

And once I fixed the lighting, even better!  Pictures 2 and 3 are practically the same, but I obviously played with the settings.  ARG!  Which setting is which?  sad 😦

But the best picture of all…

Happy Mother’s Day (a day early but trips to the beach are based on the weather and today was perfect!) Emily.  Thanks for making me a mommy!  They say that every baby chooses its parents before it is born, thanks for picking us, but mostly, thanks for picking me!  I love you baby girl!

And to reminisce a bit…

Mothers Day 2011

Mothers Day 2010 (the pictures from Stepping Stones were on mother’s day, even though it is not mentioned 🙂 )

Mothers Day 2009


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