Playing in the Rain

Here in the north east we have had a super mild winter.  YAY.  Everyone will tell you it was a mind winter but it still was too cold for me personally.   But now it is spring!  YAY!  Finally!  The lilac trees are in full bloom and look fabulous!  This year I am going to try to prune them and see if I can grow them a  bit fuller, cross your fingers for me.  Our forest flame was a mass of white blooms.  Our day lilies, lilyturf  and hydrangeas have not bloomed, it still is early for them, but they are beautiful masses of gorgeous green.  I love spring.

but this has been a wet spring!  That is actually a really good thing.  Vermont had less snow and their snow melt feeds out rivers.  A mild winter can equal a drought and I am still not entirely clear on how a drought will affect our well.   But that is not the point.  The point is that ever since Em was a baby I had a daydream of letting her put on rain gear, including boots and playing outside in the rain.

But thankfully we have also had some sunny days.  And thankfully I remembered where the bubbles were that I snagged at the end of the season clearance sales last year and hid 🙂

And for the record, here is our 7 day forecast…

This graphic does not really show it well, but they are calling for rain most of the day tomorrow and then Tuesday through Friday.  This is good news for my newly planted baby lilac trees, but not great news for little girls who like to play outside.


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