My baby is in preschool!

My baby is a preschooler – explain to me HOW that happened??

This has always been one of my favorites!!

3 years ago May 2, 2009, she rolled over for the first time.  And now she will tell you she loves running as fast as she can!

3 years ago she was 2 months old and had just had shots, poor thing, which resulted in a ton of cuddle time and singing the ABC song over and over and over and over…

3 years ago she was still my little baby!


(Em dancing and notice how she fits on that tiny baby blanket with NO floor showing – my tiny tiny baby girl!, playing peek a boo in preparation for her first roll over, and wearing daddy’s favorite dress)

2 years ago May 2010, she was crawling and laughing, already had a corny sense of humor and had just learned to sign the word “please”

2 years ago she got her first Mickey Mouse (the same Mickey who came on Mickey’s boat with us) and learned a  “Woah is me” pose (Thanks Harvey 🙂 )

2 year ago she was still wearing sleep sacs (oh I miss those, they are the best!)

2 years ago she was still my little baby (with 2 tiny teeth!)!


(being inquisitive with her birdhouses, mother’s day at Stepping Stones, and out on the condo balcony in my favorite dress)

1 year ago  (May 2011) she was talking, and running, and sliding, and swinging, and in love with Elmo, and making full sentences, and having conversations!

(one year ago, as Daddy was leaving for work she admonished him to not eat the bird food!)

1 year ago Emily was (and still is) all about playing outside.

1 year ago Emily was (and still is) the best mother ever to her baby dolls, friends and toys, cuddling them, kissing their boo boos, and diapering them because her dolls and friends poop a LOT!  She had discovered smoothies, purses, pigtales and mommy’s shoes.

1 year ago wasn’t she still my little baby girl?


(just gorgeous, running outside and throwing a ball up in the air)

But that little girl who runs and jumps and debates and negotiates (yes, she negotiates!) and discusses all things from Elmo to weather stripping is still this little girl.


(one day old in the hospital, sleeping in her boppy, first smile)

And now you seriously expect me to believe that this tiny little baby baby is now a preschooler?

Regardless, she is still my little baby girl, I don’t care what anyone says!


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