awesome chicken meatballs

You know, I nearly titled this post “awesome toddler chicken meatballs” but I am not sure that Em is still a toddler.  Yes, she is a tiny, newborn baby, who I love to rock every night, and yes, she is only about 6 days old, but somehow, my POTTY TRAINED kiddo has become a little kid, instead of a toddler.  When did that happen?

Regardless, I have to share a recipe.  Em’s dinner tonight was amazing – chicken meatballs, fruit (watermelon and grapes), corn,peanuts and half a popsicle for dessert.

It is all about the *mommy, I like these!!” chicken meatballs.  I don’t have any pictures of them simply because I was too lazy to grab the camera, but they are easy and yummy (or so I hear, I have not tried them yet myself actually 🙂 ).

Mix in a bowl:

Ground chicken, a little bit of egg, panko (add too much), parmesan cheese, fox point seasoning (because FP makes everything better!), and fresh ground pepper.

After mixing, there will be too much panko at the bottom of the bowl – this is good.

I went with tiny meatball – tiny like smaller than a bouncy ball – TINY!  Like toddler (yep, I said it), bit size.  After rolling the meatball, I rolled it in the extra panko.  This worked well for me.  And then I put them in a frying pan with some oil and cooked them up.  Easy peasy!  And now that I know Em likes them, I can get creative.  Next up, I have to add apples (chicken and apples – YUM!) and veggies.  Much like Em’s favorite corn muffins these would be great with zucchini and squash grated in.

The test is really on how well they reheat (I have 10 left, so 2 meals).  If they reheat well and she eats them, we’ll do big weekend batches.  Fingers crossed because there is nothing unhealthy in these meatballs!


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