The week that took a month…. AKA the house is finally painted!

Last year we knew we had to paint the house.  I was out playing in the yard with Emily and I noticed that the paint was peeling off the house.  AK!  We had just had a pretty stormy winter (stormy being an understatement), so we assumed it was storm related. We brought out a painter and got the bad news.  The house was not painted right to begin with.  The house was not primed before painting.  He even pointed out where they had obviously touched up the paint to sell the house.  OK, no big deal, let’s talk painting the house.  Yeah, he said no.  Apparently it was too big a job to simply repaint.  Because it was done SO badly, he said that it would be more cost effective to put on siding.

I was devastated.  Beyond devastated.  You know how all those HGTV shows say that people buy houses for the kitchen and bathrooms?  Not us.  I fell in love with this house as I was driving up the street for the initial drive by to see if we even wanted to arrange a showing.  This house has TINY bathrooms and the counter space in the kitchen is too small to allow f0r much of anything.  Ans yes, I have used the greenhouse window and even the floor as “counter” space.  But it doesn’t matter because I love this house.  I love this wooden house.  I was so close to tears at the thought of siding the house.  Siding is fine, just not my thing and NOT for this house!  So we started the research.

We decided to go with Rhino Shield.  A ceramic type coating that promises we will never need to paint the house again.  Only time will tell if this was good decision or not.  It was certainly more expansive than painting, and probably only slightly more than siding, but it allows us to keep the character of the house.  And if the warranty and claims are right and we never need to paint again, then we did well!

But the process, to be frank, SUCKS!

Before – the house was definitely grey, but in real life, I saw pink undertones and was not wild about them.  You can see some of the peeling next to the front door (to the right, center and to the left, bottom).  The back was MUCH worse, it was time.

Before – the paint was peeling and the color to me, was grey with pink undertones.

sad peeling paint

So the process started.  Over my spring break I might add.  The most gorgeous week weather wise and I could not have any doors or windoes open.  But the guys promised me that this was a week long job tops.  Deal!

Step 1 – make the house very ugly!

They started by stripping the paint which was as bad a job as our original painter foresaw…

bad lighting, but the back was just as ugly!

Step 2 – primer – the step that was never done when the house was painted originally.

primer, primer and more primer.

D actually started to like the way the house looked white, but I was not a huge fan.  it is not bad in white, but eh….

the back got primed too, of course

We are now 9 days in.  There were days “off” here and there for the primer to dry or bad weather, and it sucked.  But the worst part was living with that plastic taped over the windows for an interminable amount of time!  I was going crazy.  I felt like I lived in a cave!  Only a few windows were plastic free.  So I left town for a conference in New Orleans.  I did panic a little when D called me and asked what color we were painting the house.  Um, do them NOT have this one record??  But I of course, had the paint sample in the basement.  Benjamin Moore Storm.

I came home from my trip to this

Finally, COLOR!!! Stripped by 3/12, color by 3/26… a LONG 14 days… and not done yet…

I love it!!

One of the upstairs windows (dormer window?). Out of all the pictures in this pose, this is the best shot of the house color. It is not as blue as the rest of the pictures make it look.

Look at that GORGEOUS color!!  This is the Benjamin Moore Storm (house color), and the Benjamin Moore White Dove (trim color), with our roof color.  I AGONIZED over the color of the house because I was so worried that the dark grey would not work with the house color.  But it is fabulous!

That was 3/26 – 11 days later, fast forward to this morning!


It really does not look like it in this picture, but it is all weird morning lighting.  The house is one color.  But here is the ironic part – I wanted a grey with blue undertones but nothing was working on the test patches.  The BM Storm color has green undertones, but in this light I have my grey house with blue undertones!  Swoon!

close up of the house without the breezeway and garage.

Did you notice the door color**?

LOVE it!

My fabulous door color!!  It is Benjamin Moore Mysterious and I love it!  The doors were originally black and that was fine, and actually looked good with the Storm color, but the blue is so much better!

So one more time – before:

And one parting shot as I drove away this morning…

It was 25 days of men all over my house.  Banging, fumes, windows covered in plastic, debris all over my yard, headaches….  but it is finally done!

Before, the house color kind of blended into the roof more, now I feel like it stands out.

And for those of you who care – the color recap…

House Color: Benjamin Moore Storm
Trim Color: Benjamin Moore White Dove
Door Color: Benjamin Moore Mysterious
And all colors are curtosy of the complimentary colorist at my local Rings End hardware store.  I need to get her pictures because she was a fabulous help!

So the big question – is Rhino Shield worth it?  I have never had a house painted, but I have heard horror stories, and apparently you are never supposed to believe painters when they give you a time frame.  I have heard about the noise and debris.  Maybe this is not something a pregnant woman should go through.  I was always so on edge.  The process sucked.  And there is no way to know if it is worth it or not.  Right now the house looks beyond amazing.  Stay tuned through storms and a few years and then we’ll know for sure.

I do have one suggestion for anyone going through this process, or contemplating it.  They told me they were done 3 times before I agreed they were done.  Pay CLOSE attention to details.  I spent yesterday and today pointing out things that needed to be touched up that they didn’t see.  Even today as he was closing up the paint, I was seeing areas around doorknobs that needed to be touched up, and boards on the deck that needed more stain…  Once you sign off and they leave you are on your own, so be vigilant!  The good news is that the guy was good about the touch ups and in his defense, in bright sunlight I assume it is easy to miss things.

But regardless, it is OVER.   I am home ALONE in a freshly painted house, just in time for the spring blooms that I can’t wait to see!

**  did you notice the white spot in the upper middle of the screen door – paint.  Oh and the solution was they they told me to buy black paint, mix it with water and paint the screen door myself.  Oh wow, thanks painter guys for making a mistake and telling me how to fix it for you…  sigh…  super professional…

edit – 2 weeks later…

In case anyone is considering this product, know that we already have multiple cracks in the paint, sigh.  One of them I pointed out before they left and was “fixed” likely by slapping more paint on top of the crack.  Fail.  In our backyard you will find their ladder, wet vac, BAG OF TRASH and assorted other things.  Oh and the incentive that comes with using them has STILL not been delivered.  And of course, calls and emails are going unreturned, etc…  Sigh….  a bad paint job would look exactly the same.  I am getting annoyed and have a funny feeling this was a bad move!

edit – 6 months later

the paint that will never chip, crack or peel is cracked and peeling in multiple places.  Sigh…  Also, the front door screen used to be hung correctly (see the before pic) and now it is hung crooked and we cannot fix it.  Gee, it was hanging right before they came… Yeah, not happy and I do NOT recommend this product/company.

edit – Rhino Shield update, one year later

Yeah, I do NOT recommend this company/product.  We have several places where the paint is cracked and peeling badly!  Calls to the company are unreturned.  And the one time i got a live person, I was told that they are unable to help as they cannot guarantee their work after  months.  Seriously??


6 thoughts on “The week that took a month…. AKA the house is finally painted!

  1. Hi. I live in Milton MA and I am ready to have my house painted with this product. May I ask you who the painter was? Was it Pat Foley from Final Coat LLC? I am sorry to read about your bad experience. It makes me rethink my choice.
    Thank you for a nice and detailed report of your problem.
    Your house looks fantastic by the way.

    • It was the Rhino Shield Fairfield County painters. I do not recall the name but i also do not recommend the product. it did not weather well, it scratched, peeled, etc. personally, I would never use Rhino Shield again, but it is, obviously, your call. Good luck!

  2. I live in Hanson Ma. and having Rhino Shield put on my home was the worst decision I ever made. When it started to crack and peel the painters came back and also did some repairs and
    I have a door casing that also was worked on and was hung back up wrong and does not close right. The Rhino Shield product peeled again this time large bubbles that cracked in large sections. When I had the company come back and look at the defects, I was told it was a water problem and that it was not their fault. So if I wanted it repaired they would do it at my expense, so much for life time. The Rhino Shield peeled done to the boards through 3 other paintings. Wonder why the water had not gone through those prior to Rhino Shield. I would not recommend them they do not hold up their end of the contract.

    • sorry you had such issues with them Mike. I hope enough people see our reviews and are able to make better choices! We have actually moved since that house and I am so relieved I will never have to see how bad it eventually gets. I have wondered from time to time how it weathered this past winter.

  3. We just had this done to our house. I am already regretting my husband’s choice of companies. Very unlike him to not check out a product or company before buying.
    All the trim work on the house was replaced because it was 32 years old and rotting. We paid extra for these materials and labor. There are entire lengths of board that are not painted. They replaced almost all of the clapboards on the front of the house and garage. The fantastic paint is already bubbling off the nails. The explanations: the nails were not recessed into the boards enough and the sun was causing the paint to bubble up!!!!! What? The sun is on the front of my house from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. And we all know how hot summer sun can be. Didn’t this company think that was an important detail to tell us?
    We have brick steps going to the breezeway entrance. We have a permanent metal roof, color brick red. Neither of these are brick red any more. Both have paint spray and power wash residue all over them. The same with the walkways and any wooden rails, steps and the back deck. Have these people never heard of drop cloths or the plastic covers? They dented five of the cap tiles on the breezeway roof. One of these is so bad that the color is scraped off. This is something they cannot fix. I will be contacting the roofing company next for repair costs.
    Plants and shrubs are crushed or paint covered. Lots of gouges and bubbling or cracking paint on the trim work that did get painted.
    I agree that the finished product looks nice from a distance but, when you get close, the defects are very apparent.

  4. I live in Minnesota and had Rhino Shield MN do my house and front of barn in June 2014. By July 2015 the paint was peeling on 3/4 of the house and whole front of barn. They came right out and did repaint the areas needed. In March 2016 the paint had reverted to peeling again and was way worse than before. I contacted them again, now on the 3rd person, trun around employment is high!! The person came out and took a look, took a sample with them. They informed me that the wood siding was rotting behind their product and the product was intact this would not be covered by the 25 year warranty. After months of back and forth, the owner offered to repaint the whold house and barn if I replaced the siding. I told them if I wanted to replace the siding there would be no way I would put a siding on that would need to be painted but would take a full refund. Well a month later they are not retruning my emails. I will be in touch with my lawyer by weekd end. I was sold a 25 year product that didn’t last a year.

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