Rain Gutter Bookshelves

I am so unique!  Just like everyone else who has already made these…  But they are new to us and we love them!

Em’s room is not huge, but then again, when you add a changing table, glider and ottoman, you lose a lot of space.  And yes, these are all temporary, but she is still ready for play space.  AND, tonight (as I type this), Emily is currently upstairs sleeping in underwear!  We are not 100% ready to ditch the diapers, but close.  Em slept nearly 12 hours last night and woke with a dry diaper!  So really, the only use for the changing table is the shelf space.

I had seen tons of examples of the rain gutter bookshelves online and love the idea.  The research speaks for itself.  Kids (especially readers like Emily) read more when they can see the front of the book.  Plus, instead of taking up a few feet of floor space, this is inches.  Emily has already enjoyed playing in the extra space too.


(more shots here)

This is a tiny wall really, only about 42 inches or so, but that is all I need.  Rain gutters are sold in 10 foot segments – 120 inches.  I knew I wanted 3 shelves, so that is 40 inches per shelf.  Perfect!


Behold, my rain gutter bookshelves!

and a close up of the gutters in action

And it is just the right size! Em can reach the upper shelf and the lower one is at the perfect height for her!

Just trying some decor options… This is the shelves with her book box and Pooh bear below them. For now this is how it is, but I am not 100% sold.

These are ridiculously easy to make!  Seriously, as in this took less than 30 minutes.  I have 3 gutter sections of 40 inches each, but for now, only 2 up.  I don’t think I want one any higher, as Em does not stand a chance of reaching it, and I am still debating putting one lower, but it seems too low…  So for now, the third section is hanging out, waiting…

So in case anyone out there wants to make these, here are the (seriously ridiculously easy) steps:

Buy a 10 foot rain gutter and cut it to size.  I went with 40 inches both because I had envisioned 3 shelves and because the wall is about 42 inches.

Attach the gutter clips and end caps.

Screw into place.

And there you go!

I did find that it was easier (yes, a tip to make this even easier!) if I drilled the holes in the gutter before trying to attach it to the wall.

We also had fun sorting through her books and deciding which ones would stay on the changing table, now in the babies room, and which would stay in Emily’s room.  We had a long talk about how even though books may be in other rooms, we can still read them.  And at bedtime, we read some old favorites.  The only thing is this – Emily’s current favorites are all in the book box, so I might need to move them into the gutter shelves, and put the old favorites in the book box…  decisions decisions….

UPDATE – Em spent the night in underwear and woke up DRY!  Yahoo!  We are almost there!


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