Our week in pictures and videos

This past week we have been hugely busy.  Our house is being painted (more on that later), and we finally had a strong of days nice enough to really enjoy playing outside!

Just hanging out, sitting in the rocking chair in the sun room one morning.

Hanging out in the driveway after school one day…

It got a bit chillier, but that didn’t stop us! Em now shoots right up the rock wall in no time flat!

still playing in the backyard

Being outside is all about laughing. Em loves playing outside so this nice weather is right up her alley!

A rare Friday with D at home, we lit Shabbas candles as a family and then has Em’s requested burgers and tater tots for dinner.

After dinner Em did some spinning.  This is a new move for her, so of course I grabbed the camera.  I could not pick my favorite video, so here are all 3.

In this next video, Em is telling us how to wash hands.  I love how she collapses at the end.

And more silly spinning


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