Days with a 3 year old.

I was really worried about the “Terrible Twos” before Em turned 2.  But 2 was a FABULOUS age for us!  Three started off with a bang.  A headstrong, willful, independent bang!  We seem to have mastered the art of disciplining a 3 year old (so far, fingers crossed) and now 3 is fun.  (for now…).  So here is a day in the life….

This morning Emily went pee pee in the potty and has been wearing underwear all day (but I did put her in a pull up for going out, but it stayed dry!)

She adopted a new catch phrase – “I am all alone, nobody understands me”…  (thank you purpleicious!).

She has used her toy doctor kit to confirm that daddy has no babies in his tummy and that mommy does*.

She has helped me plant my teacup herb garden.  This year’s crop is orange mint (that I fell in love with and now how a ton of), flat leaf parsley (I learned my lesson after last years curly leaf parsley, rosemary (which we used last night in the world’s greatest mushroom goat cheese risotto) and lavender (because it is pretty and smells so fabulous with the rosemary).

Orange mint in the back, parsley front right, lavender front center, rosemary behind the lavender and to the left.

We went out shopping and out for lunch where Em entertained everyone with her funny jokes and comments.  “Mommy, you are not 3, you are not big enough to be 3 yet.  You need to get bigger.”.  And those of you who have ever eaten with us will appreciate, “Mommy, no, that is DADDY’s Coke!”

We played Twister – which today involved putting balls on each colored circle.

We had a t-party.  Em got the party all ready for us and served us cupcakes.

She also successfully evaded all photography efforts, which is why this post only have a shot of the herb garden.

Life with a 3 year old is just pure FUN!

* yes, I know I need to post on the state of the pregnancy and I am working on that post….  Including a video with Emily revealing big news!


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