Another perfect afternoon

NOTE – this post has pictures and events from last weekend, I try to write a few posts on the weekend and put them up during the week.  But I need to add 2 timely events.  First – Happy Birthday Grandpa!!  We wanted to call you this morning and say Happy Birthday but we were too busy going pee pee in the potty TWICE!  Em is in underwear in school again today and even went once at school while I was there!  She has rejected M&Ms (sorry D 😦 ) but it seems like she will potty train for veggies.  Sigh… only my kid…

Update – I called the school at noon and Emily was still in underwear (the same pair) and doing great!!

I now return you to your regularly schedule post…

Here in Connecticut I will admit that we did not have a really rough winter, but cold is cold and to me, it was cold.  I have no need for cold weather.  I enjoy cozy sweaters but they work in the fall, so frankly, I would be good with eliminating winter.  But we are not going to move south any time soon (like the next 50 or 60 years), so I just have to deal.  But we are finally getting little tastes of spring, so we took advantage of it!

While Em played with D, I was nearby working on the wooded area near the swing set.

See that area behind her?  That bush to the left that is hanging out in an odd place, when that area could and should be reabsorbed into the yard and filled with grass seed, is an azalea bush that I do plan to rip out, eventually.  But not when I am pregnant obviously.  That seems like a fall project anyway, when the ground is MUCH softer.  But anyway, in that area behind the bush I scattered poppy seeds, Texas bluebonnets, 2 types of sunflowers and some generic wildflower seeds.  Hopefully something will take and NOT become deer food, because that area would look great filled in with flowers!

Is there anything better than doing yard work while the loves of your life play nearby?

And it only took about 20 minutes to plant my seeds, so I had time to play too!

I am so excited that real spring is coming and we can be outside much more!  I can’t wait to get back to eating dinner outside, blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk on the driveway and walkway, and the smell of spring, fresh grass and flowers, and mostly seeing/smelling my lilac bush!!


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