I’m not wearing underwear today…

OK, really I am, let me just start with that.  Otherwise both this post and this baby book will take a very odd turn.  But in our pre-Emily life, Darren and I saw a lot of Broadway shows.  We saw mostly musicals, which really can’t be a surprise, given Em’s bedtime songs.  So the title comes from Avenue Q, but is relevant!!

We had quite a morning here!  While I showered and dressed, Em experimented with the zipper on her pjs and ended up in just a diaper, which is fine since I was about to get her dressed anyway.  And then she said those famous words, “I have to go potty”.  I admit that I didn’t expect much but told her to go for it and she did.  She pulled down her diaper and sat down and said, nope, no pee pees.  I told her to wait a minute because maybe the pee pee was sleeping and went into the closet to finish getting dressed. Ad then it happened, I heard quacking!  And we do not have a pet duck!  There is only one thing in our house that quacks like that!!  Em went pee pee in the ducky potty (and not a tiny bit!!).  She was so proud and so excited and after we cleaned up, she ran off to her room and put on underwear!  I did promise her that as soon as she went pee pee in the potty, she could wear underwear and I let her go all the way!  Em wore underwear to school!!  I did take in a cloth diaper wet bag in to school, just in case, but her teacher said that as long as her underwear stayed dry, she could stay in it.  My big girl!!

No, to keep with the G rating of this blog, I do not have any pictures of the big event to share.  But I do have a few of Em this morning that will have to suffice.  Just trust me when I tell you that she is wearing underwear and SO proud of herself!

When exciting things happen we take pictures! So Em took a picture of me to celebrate her big day.

And we clap! We did a lot of clapping this morning!


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