Move over Chef Boyardee!

This weekend we celebrated D’s birthday, which was lots of fun in and of itself, but even more fun was to be had the next day.

The one thing D wanted for his birthday was a pasta maker.  So after a few weeks of research, we went with the first one he found.  (note here before you look at all the pictures, I have NO clue why she is wearing the bib.  She found it, she put it on and she refused to take it off…Such is life with a 3 year old!)

We clamped it to the table because oddly it would not clamp to the kitchen counter tops.  D held it steady (just in case), while Em turned the crank).

Look Daddy!! We made wormies!

I am honestly not sure what the best part was – Em kneading dough (which of course resulted in quite a bit of cleaning), watching her crank the handle (which is NOT easy when the dough is that thick) all by herself, or eating the yummy yummy pasta (fettuccine by the way)!  We now have one serving for her lunch this week in the fridge and 4 servings in the freezer.  And it was so easy!  Our recipe – semolina flour, regular flour, egg, olive oil, salt.  Easy peasy!  This first batch we served with butter and fresh grated pecorino romano, and we are looking forward to experimenting with sauces for future batches!


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