Remember my little escape artist?

In case you have forgotten, Em became famous for her ability to break out of the toddler room at school.  Since then, they have, in fact, removed the half door.  However, they have completely underestimated my child, because she can open the big door, go up the stairs and out the main door into the parking lot in 2.5 seconds flat!  And has been able to for some time now.  Case in point – yesterday when I picked her up, I was talking to one of her teachers about her food when she did this.  I never heard the teacher’s reply as I yelled Bye! and ran after Emily.  I am afraid to let the directors know because they might put in an electric fence, which might be the only way to contain my child really.  Thank goodness the kids are all at that “tattling” age, so if she ever tried this during the day, either the entire class would race madly to the parking lot, or they would tell a teacher.  Oh lord, imagine the email from the day care if the entire class, led by sweet, little, innocent, (yeah right) Emily, was racing madly through the parking lot….

But we may be avoid that particular problem.  Yesterday I got this email from school!

You will be happy to know that Emily has come join ——–  this morning to start introducing her to the classroom today, and she has been doing very well!  We were only going to keep her upstairs today for a few hours as a first step to her transition.  However, one our teachers had to pick up her daughter for an unexpected early dismissal (because of the snow!), so since Em is doing great anyway, we decided she will also nap here too.  She even sat on the potty and was very proud of herself!!!!  I told her I would email mommy to let her know what a great job she is doing.

I was stunned to get this!  When did my baby girl become a big kid who spends the entire day in PRESCHOOL???  yes, this is the goal (if she ever connects with potty training), but she is just a little baby.  Yes, she is 3 years old, but this is kind of like dog years – 3 years old in baby girl is really like 6 months is the real world.   But Emily loved it.  LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  She talked about it non stop!  The teachers were fabulous with her, the little girl that was either assigned or self appointed her “big sister” for the day, the kids that used to be in her room that have already moved up, the puzzles, the games, the dancing.  Emily loved every second of it!  Yes, we will have to iron out some kinks, but everyone said it was a fabulous experience for her.  And maybe for me too.  Walking in the door and going UP instead of down was fun, but the best part was seeing Em in action up there. Then it was such fun to go down to get Lovie and say goodbye to all her friends.  it was like a visiting celebrity when she walked in the door!  Wow…  my little baby girl…  How fabulous that a 6 month old baby girl fits into a preschool that well!  D has always said that she will be done with law school and a Supreme Court Justice by age 6, so this must be how that starts.  And this keeps the doors and the rest of the kids safer to be honest….

** I have lots of pictures and videos to share, but they are all trapped in my camera right now.  Yes, I know exactly where the cord is, no I have not actually moved any pictures since her birthday party…  stay tuned…


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