Songs and memories

I have always sang to Emily at bedtime.  Mostly Broadway and show tunes, with some lullabies thrown in for good measure.  Some of her bedtime hits included songs from the Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz.  A few numbers from Chorus Line (of course!) went over well.  Loin King and Beauty and the Beast have worked into the rotation from time to time…  Anything that has a strong mezzo or alto arrangement that is comfortable in my range.

But her favorites were Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins (usually sung on the days we went to the beach and fed the birds…  we do a daily recap while we rock at night) and Somewhere That’s Green from Little Shop of Horrors, which she calls the Patio song (“a grill out on the patio…).

Lately we have  not been doing too many show tunes, and in fact, many of these have not been sung for 6 months to a year.  The big number at bedtime now is Rainbow Connection, or a song she knows and can sign with me.  Itsy Bitsy Spider has been popular lately.  But the other night, while getting ready for bed she asked for the Patio song.  It makes me wonder exactly how much of her infancy she really does remember, because I don’t think we have done any Little Shop songs for months!  Just one more way Emily constantly amazes me…

But I feel I should also mention that as soon as we (together) sung the word Patio, she switched us over to Itsy Bitsy Spider…


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