Balloon Wreaths, Cupcakes, and all sorts of 3 year old birthday fun!

How do you know if you are throwing a good party?  If almost every time a child leaves, they are in tears because they want to stay!  I was really worried actually because, just like last year, Em’s birthday party was an open house type play date for her friends, our friends, and family.  And just like last year, it was a great party.   But this one was actually better than last year because Em really got it.  She knew it was her birthday and we totally went all out for her.

The birthday girl, showing she is “this many” (3 fingers)

I think this is the first year we have actually gotten Em a present.  Her main present was a scrapbook of our Disney Cruise.  She loves looking at the scrapbook of the trip to Disney D and I took when we were engaged, so we thought she’d like this.  It is full of pictures of her with the princesses, plus has pages for all of the autographs.  It has become a HUGE hit!

Warning!  DO not bother to click into the post unless you want to see a bunch of pictures of decorations, food, and favors!


I used a mix of lots of different decorations for this party.  Obviously streamers (the lover, the streamer and me…  it still kills me!), and some Elmo stuff from past parties, but the Mickey Mouse decorations from my birthday on our Disney Cruise, and lots of princess/fairy stuff.

From the boat, Em loves it, and really so do I!

Also from the boat, but a bigger hit at home!

The Tinker Bell Birthday banner

2 of Em’s favorite fairies

The other 2 of her favorite fairies

Our favorite decoration was the balloon wreath that I made.

One seriously fun party decoration!


I am all about healthy eating, especially for Em.  Yes, she has treats from time to time, but generally, I keep things as healthy as I can.  Friday, I sent her now famous corn muffins to school.  These are the BEST – corn muffins with grated carrot, yellow squash and zucchini and apparently the kids all inhaled them.  So did the kids and adults at the party!   It was so cool to see kids race by the table, grab a muffin and keep going.    I had them on 2 tables and not one was left!

The cupcakes were also a big hit.  Did you know that white cake mix + 8 drops red food coloring = pink cake?  It was perfect!  I did half with pink icing and half with white and all with sprinkles!

Mini cupcakes

But in a minor panic about running out of cupcakea during the pre-party BJs run, we did pick up a small cake (AKA candle stage), just in case.

The prettiest cake, just perfect for a 3 year old!

… And with candles, all ready for singing and blowing…


I am not generally a fan of party favors, but D convinced me that we needed to do something.  So I filled the water table with water bottles and dumped in 2 boxes of glittery alphabet stickers (score!!  $8 at JoAnn, but $0.50 in the Target clearance aisle!).  These were a big hit!

Water bottle/sticker fun

Emily and I tried our hands at making those multi-colored crayons and while they are not the best crayons, they are so cute!  So we gave each child on of those too.


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