This is too cheesy for words

When I was pregnant with Emily, and in the very beginning, I was pretty worried about nursing.  Her daddy is lactose intolerant and I had a ton of questions about her ability to digest milk and milk products (mostly mine).  Her pediatrician assured me that there was no way Emily could be intolerant to my milk, and reminded me that if it was the case, the human species could not have survived.  Huh, good point,but what new mother to be/new mother is thinking that logically?  Then she said that actually, D was the normal one, because humans are the only species to drink the milk of another animal.

So, just 10 days shy of 3 years, Emily does NOT seem to be showing any signs of following in her daddy’s footsteps and being a lactoid.  Whew!  She never drank milk, but does eat her cereal with milk, loves yogurt, especially my yogurt based smoothies, loves ice cream, and loves loves loves cheese.  Seriously, this kid loves all things cheese.  YES!  I cannot wait to take her to the Melting Pot for cheese fondue.

But in her love of cheese, Em is slightly picky.  She is not a fan of cheddar.  She likes Edam a lot.  She loves goat cheese (the silky, spreadable kind is her favorite).  And these days, she LOVES gouda.  This morning I was making her lunch and asked if she wanted cheese.  She is also a fan of simple, plebeian, string cheese (plebeian in that she is more a fan of the budget busting gouda and goat’s cheese 🙂 ).   She said yes, she wanted cheese, Gouda please mommy (with heavy emphasis on the goo in gouda).   And then she walked into day care and told her teacher she had gouda in her lunch box and requested a piece then and there.

A few years before Emily, D and I went out with some friends in the city and ordered a cheese sampler platter.  It came with a hazelnut spread and honey, and yes, I still remember that platter, because I was surprised by the honey.  But it turns out that cheese dipped in honey is amazing!    Another thing I can’t wait to introduce Em to.  But in the meantime I plan to just enjoy our time browsing in the cheese section of the grocery store.  And I am thinking we need to try some sheep’s milk cheese.  Because no matter how strange it is for one species to eat the milk of another species, we love cheese!

These pictures are completely irrelevant to this post, but I am sharing them anyway because I want to.  You can say they are cheesy if that helps, I think they are funny and cute.

We taught Em how to play Twister, she playes it her way…

I have an old old OLD iced tea maker that my brother got me (or got my parents and I liberated it? I can’t remember).  It works great and I love iced tea and Em likes to help me make it. The instructions makes about a quart of iced tea.  I work it to make closed to a gallon!  The pitcher the tea pours into has a combo of water and ice and it is Em’s job to put ice in the pitcher.

I turned my back for 2 seconds and turned back to see this… Life is never dull with Em around!

Sometimes your Tinkerbell pjs need a polka dotted chef’s hot, oven mitts and apron


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