You throw at me, I throw at you


We, well, most of the north east, are all mentally blocking out the Halloween blizzard as a first snow fall.  We consider that more of a disaster/power outage/storm/blizzard than a nice snow fall.  That said, we got our first snow!  Unlink last year, when the first snowfall was about 27 feet and Em was too sick (pneumonia and RSV poor baby) to enjoy it, this was a perfect 4 incher or so.  And she LOVED it!

Em laughed through playing, jumping, falling, sitting, and building a new friend.

Emily loved her snowman friend.  She originally named him Bob but we renamed him Frosty and made up a song about him!

The rules in the snow are clear.  Don’t even think about taking off hats or mittens.  And then D made up one more rule that Em is still repeating and loving: You don’t throw snow at me, I don’t throw snow at you!


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