Getting crafty – DIY cloth diapers and quilt clips

We have had a lot of fun with crafts lately

Emily loves her baby dolls, but some of them (most of them have an unfortunate tendency to poop.  A LOT.  This is both adorable and annoying.  It is adorable to watch Em check and change the diaper but it is also a bit annoying when she decided to throw away baby’s “used” diaper.  Hey, diapers are expensive!  While prepping for Hurricane Irene, I got Emily and her dolls a box of newborn diapers.  Thankfully we still have 2/3 of the box left!

But since the day will come when baby will go through that last diaper, I got creative.  Emily had the cutest fluffy bottom so why not let the baby dolls share the fun?

This was the easiest project ever!  I cut the shape and size I wanted, sewed on some Velcro and there you go!

So here is baby in a Target Up and Up newborn diaper

And here is baby in 3 of her new cloth diapers!


baby was such a good model!

Now, I am NOT about to delve into the world of making my own cloth diapers for live babies! I have the utmost respect for those who can do it, but I am not brave enough to join them.  But it was fun, easy and fast to make baby doll 4 or 5 diapers of her own.  Plus, 25 cents for a sheet of felt, $2 or $3 for a strip of Velcro and I already had the thread and sewing machine.  Compared to $6 for the newborn pack (that yes, is cheap for a pack of diapers, but still…)

AND, these diapers are easy for little girls to put on.  I give you exhibit A.

Then, a few weeks later we got crafty again, this time as a family!

When we moved Em to a big girl bed, I finally hung the ABC quilt I made her a  baby.  I looped a piece of thread and hung it on a nail and it looked odd.  I needed quilt clips.  But HOLY COW the ones I saw (and LOVED) were like $20 or $30 and that seemed high.

OK, maybe I am cheap, but $4.50 later…

and a close up of the clip:

How cute!!

The how to:

I bought clothes pins, and painted ladybugs ($4.50).  I had glue and pink felt (leftover from the cloth diaper project).

I drilled a hole  on one end of the clothes pin (for the nail), glued felt to the inside clip part, and glued the ladybug on top.  I adore the way it came out!  And the best part is that the drilled holes fit perfectly over the nails that were already in the walls  So the quilt is up, cute and still straight!


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