a fabulousy fun shopping day!

I have been looking for a chair for the sun room for a while now.   I love the idea of a Queen Anne, or a comfy chair and a half, but I also really like the idea of reusing, recycling…. I have been trolling my usually places – craig’s list, freecycle, habitat restore, and Goodwill, but every chair that I liked was upholstered.  I am just squeamish about buying a used upholstered chair.  And i am NOT interested in learning how to cover it myself.

Then I saw an add for a wicker chair.  I can work with wicker.  I was envisioning spray paint and fun, gorgeous fabrics for the cushions.   And it was a great price.  So early one morning Em and I went out to see it.  It was ok.  Comfortable, sturdy, but some of the pieces on the bottom of the leg were broken and I have never re-threaded wicker.  I was disappointed but something in me kept saying not to buy it, so I did not.

That afternoon, heartbroken over the loss of my visions of spray paint and fabric making a used chair glorious, on my way to a meeting, I stopped into Goodwill and found a chair!  I didn’t even blink!  I went and got an employee to help me get it out of the corner (I was not going to lift it, and even if I did, I would likely break a lot of things, not worth it).

But the best part?  The price!  The chair was priced at a VERY reasonable $30.  With a yellow sticker.  Oh and that day (week?) at Goodwill, everything with a yellow sticker was 50% off. SCORE!!

Emily loves it too!

and she can be goofy in it too 🙂

I need to do NOTHING to this chair.  It does not need any touch up work, any paint, anything.  It is in perfect condition.  For now (for the long, foreseeable future), it will stay light wood.  I do need a seat mat though.  The rocker now lives in the sun room and it seems very happy in its new home.

The best part of this chair though?  On Friday the 13th I received an advance copy of MY BOOK!!!  It is out!  it is done!  It is PUBLISHED!  And Emily grabbed it, climbed up in the chair and started to “read” it.  LOVE!

(I have since removed the 3 price tags on the top bar 🙂 ).

But back to my day.

After my meeting, I had some time to kill before Em would be up from her nap at day care, and it didn’t seem worth it to go home.  So I checked out an antique store I have seen from the highway a few times.  I didn’t expect much, but I LOVED it!!!!!!  OMG!!  This is the coolest place EVER!

I wandered for about an hour, and just as I was about to leave I saw this

It is a terrible picture because the flash kept leaving flash pops on the picture, and that covered too much… oh well…

I love it!!!   Look at that little girl.  I walked into the booth, picked it up and stepped out of the booth to admire it/look it over.  2 older women were nearby and came over to check it out and I am SO glad they did!  I liked it because Em is thinking about potty training and the bare bottom on the little girl cracks me up.  I had no clue what it was; I didn’t even know what toilet powder was!  But they did!  Turns out Mennen’s was a BIG brand of baby powder (and toilet powder is baby powder). I have done some research and the add seems to be from the early 1900’s.  I saw similar Mennen’s ads from 1907.  (for the record, there is NO WAY those women were that old and they said they used Mennen’s on their babies, so it might not be quite THAT old, but still).  I love this add!  (and I loved that it was $8!).

First I hung it in the downstairs bathroom with chocolate brown walls.  It looked terrible.  I thought about putting it in Em’s bathroom, but it looks fabulous (in real life, ignore the terrible picture) in our bathroom!  Emily seems to love it too.  She asks about it anytime she is in our bathroom – asks where the little girls diaper is, asks where her shoes are…  and apparently she has funny feet.  All I know is that every time I see it I smile.  And that is all that matters.

It was a great day anyway, but to get 2 fabulous buys made it even better 🙂


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