a big girl bed

So one of the many, many, MANY things I need to catch up on here is that Emily now sleeps in a big girl bed.

Now that Emily is going to be a big sister, we did a lot of debating about her crib. She has been sleeping on it as a toddler bed and doing great, plus, it is HERS.  We chose that set specifically for HER to have her entire life.  Scratch that plan.  But I have decided that when she moves out, she gets the option to have it back, it is only fair.  Besides, we got it when we lived in the condo and she had a huge room.  now, there is no way I would put a full size bad in her room.  It would likely fit, but it would eliminate all play space.

So we attached the guest room,soon to be known as the new nursery.  We (ok, D) moved the full size bed to the basement and brought up the day bed.  Emily had made it clear that she was not interested in sleeping anywhere but HER bed.  So I figured the transition would take time.  Yes, there was no reason to switch the beds yet at all.  yes, we jumped the gun.  But yes, Emily was enthralled with the idea and now sleeps in the day bed!

We got a set of Cinderella sheets (ARG, I had forgotten what a pain it is to make a day bed….), put the air mattress on the floor (thank to my mother in law for suggesting that one), in case she rolled out (but Em uses it to climb up in to the bed), and there you go!

This is with the bed still in the guest room.

And here it is in her room

That wall used to be her crib, nightstand and some space before the closet.  Now it is the bed.  You can sort of see the hamper to the right of the bed, under the window – it is not in the closet.  We still have her (yes HER 🙂 ) dresser, nightstand, changing table (but if she ever potty trains, she is giving that up!), glider, ottoman, and toys.  The room works.  it is a bit crowded, but the changing table, glider and ottoman and not forever.  Oh and the bed now has a bed rail (also thanks to mom in law for the um, “donation” 🙂 ).  As much as I hate that Em is becoming a big kid and as much as I was NOT ready for her to move to this bed, it is really nice to be able to get in bed with her for stories (which is why the white pillow is there, next to the bed…).

Today, big girl bed, tomorrow, car keys?


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