Blood Orange Tilapia

I just have to share this recipe – blood orange tilapia!  It is phenomenal!!  Place the filet in a baking dish with a little chicken stock, zest and then juice blood orange on top (I did not use much juice and got a TON of flavor, so don’t go too crazy).  Bake.  It is simple and delicious and Emily had three servings and nearly polished off an entire large filet.

Things have been crazy busy here but a post is coming soon.  Some things that we have been doing that might get their own posts:  we have made our own cloth diapers for baby doll, Em has gotten a hair cut (almost 2 inches off!), her Christmas crafts for her teachers that came out awesome, more recipes (not quite as fabulous as this one, seriously, make this fish!), and a ton more things.   Oh and baby stuff…  I will do a big update post soon!


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