Emily’s Year in Review – 2011

This has been quite a year – for all of us!

January started off with a blizzard (one of many that winter!), and pneumonia.  I will never forgot the nightmare of Em’s 104.7 fever, and another snowstorm.

In January it snowed, a lot

February brought the creation of the modern art artistic masterpiece that still hangs in our living room, another snowstorm, a 2 year old girl, and then one more snow storm (see any themes here?).

When you are snowbound in February, it is a good time to try a crazy hair do and vacuum

March gave us even more snow, Emily’s first ever pig tales and a trip to the crayola factory

March is all about mittens, puzzles, and playing

April was full of a trip to NYC, tons of playing outside, and Emily’s first band-aid worth boo boo

April was all about bring outside, especially playing in the woods!

May was all about playing outside, a trip to Sesame Place (Elmo’s house), ice cream and learning her eye color

May is a great time to take advantage of the Grandparents lawn as a backdrop!

June took us to the beach to feed the birds, Em’s first (and so far only, thankfully) night terror, strawberry picking, we turned the crib into a toddler bed, and tea parties

My personal favorite part of June was strawberry picking!

July we visited the beach, took a boat to Long Island (and Em ate her way through Long Island), and Emily painted name letters for her wall

An overexposed shot for July, but look at all that warm sunshine!

August was about getting power back (sigh, one of may power outages this year), a trip to Colorado, a trip to Town Fair Tire (the toddler play mecca), Emily’s first sushi experience (obsession), tons of being outside, of course, and spray bottles

In August we went our in our pjs very early in the morning, before it got too hot out

September we saw a wolf in our yard and Emily gained an internet reputation for breaking out of school.  She also learned all about touch downs, and traded in her booster seat for a big girl chair at the big table.

September is just such a great time to be outside

October – Halloween!  Or rather, instead of Halloween, we had a massive snowstorm/power outage and pneumonia.  But we also managed another trip to the city, pumpkins, a pony ride, and a worm obsession.

October may get the worm shot, but Emily loves worms every month of the year!

November brought a 1 day spinach obsession, winter bird feeding and Em’s art gallery wall

November we went to the beach to feed the birds

And lastly, December, with a Disney cruise and Emily meeting Cinderella (and forming a Tinker Bell obsession).

December is also a good time to just be gorgeous!

It has been a great year for the S—— family and we are all excited to see what 2012 brings!

(for Em’s year in review post I tried to include pictures that were not in blog entries already, I had a great time going through all the older entries and reliving Em’s past year.  She had a great time watching all the videos!)


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