I want arm pasta

We had a great Christmas (even if we forgot to light our Hanukkah candles, oops!).

Following a long standing family tradition (that we had to take 2 years off from while Em was a tiny baby), we spent the day in the city.  Em woke up that morning asking to see animals so we gave her a choice between the holiday windows and the Central Park Zoo.  She chose the windows.  (Personally Lord and Taylor was my favorite).  After a quick stop in Penn Station to warm up, grab Em a pre-lunch snack and avoid the Nicks fans, we headed up to see the Rockefeller Tree.  On the way, Em fell asleep, so we didn’t get our family tree picture like last year.

At lunch with family, Emily turned to her grandfather and innocently asked the best question of the day, grandpa, why don’t you have any hair?

(the point of this picture is to share how much Em adores her grandpa, not to highlight his, um, lack of hair…  We love you A!)

That evening I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she specifically requested “arm pasta”.  That one did take me a few minutes but she meant elbow macaroni (served with goat cheese!).

After dinner she grabbed her camera and told D and I to get together.

In this first picture, she posed our hands very specifically and when we moved them, put them back exactly where she wanted them!

Then she did another one with our heads.

and finally, she got silly with the camera and we did a family foot shot.


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