Watching dreams come true – AKA princesses don’t understand fist bumps

Last week we all packed up and left the cold of Connecticut for the warmth of the Bahamas via a Disney cruise.  D and I have cruised before (Alaska) and we are still not 100% sure if we are cruise people or not, but we are definitely Disney cruise people!  They do a fabulous job!

Telling you all about our trip will require several posts, but I want to share the story of my birthday (December 16th, mark your calendars!), or, the day in which I cried as Emily’s dreams came true.

You parents understand better than anyone else I am sure.  Emily knew we were going on a big boat with 2 pools and we were going to sleep on the boat and that alone was enough to excite her.  But then we told her that it was Mickey’s boat and that put her over the top!  But then she asked the big question – would Cinderella be on Mickey’s boat?

The afternoon of my birthday, at 2:00, a meet and greet with 6 princesses was scheduled.  At 1:30 I happened to ask a crew member about it and he told me where to stand and suddenly I was first in line!  Emily and D played a bit while I patiently waited.  When she ran over and found out who we were about to meet, I thought she was going to fall over.  They did a fabulous job!  There was a trumpet fanfare and the princesses came to the balcony and then down the fabulous staircase.

Emily was in my arms for all of this, but never once balked when I put her down.  All by herself, she walked right up to the first princess – Snow White.

(It was at this point that I actually started crying, so the focus on some of the pictures is not what it could be)

After chatting with Snow White, and hugging her, Emily pointed to the next princess and told Snow White – Look, there is Cinderella!

And then I lost it!

Emily loves Cinderella so much that I am tearing up just remembering that moment.  She went right up to Cinderella and they chatted away and hugged and I thought Emily would never leave her side!

The next princess was Sleeping Beauty who Emily really doesn’t know…  But it would not have mattered though…

“Look princess, there is Cinderella!”

She did love Ariel though and told her that she liked her pretty green dress.  They talked about green for quite a while.  When Ariel said that green was her favorite color, Emily said it was her’s too!

We have a princess plate (thank you Target) that Emily loves and eats every meal on.  She points out Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and the Frog lady.  The Frog one is new – I never knew her name.  SO we call her the frog lady.  Which she found amusing.

Emily they went right up to Belle (in her Christmas dress).

I was so proud of my little girl, and still crying at this point.  As she met, chatted with, hugged and posed for pictures (why doesn’t Em smile in pictures??), she was fearless, and in awe.  Meeting Cinderella for her was indescribable!

As they said good byes, each princess gave Em one more hug and a high five.  Em countered with a fist bump.  But not one princess, staying solid in character, had any idea what a fist bump was.  One (Ariel I think), even asked what would happen.

But we weren’t done yet!  Em has more friends to meet!  (can you say greatest birthday ever!!!)  Just up the stairs from the princesses we saw Peter Pan!  Em was hysterically funny with him.  She told him it was time to take a nap and even laid down next to him!  He seemed a bit confused by this (thankfully he didn’t have a line with the Princesses just below), but played along.  And then Em “woke up” and they did a nice posed shot.

This is a picture of the nap time, not the nice posed one 🙂

But then, back down the stairs to see Tinkerbell!  Peter Pan told her to tell Tink “Tag, You’re It!” and Em did.  She also told Tink that her name was Tinker Bell too!  Tinkerbell was amazed by this, and could not believe the amazing coincidence 🙂  Actually Em was saying that her name was Tinkerbell and that Tinkerbell’s name was Emily, but poor Tink didn’t quite catch that.  Emily was as enamored by Tinkerbell as she was by Cinderella.


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