Happy Hanukkah

Last night was the first night of Emily’s third Hanukkah.  This year she really got the candles (and after a few false starts, D and I finally remembered the 2nd prayer, whew!), and loved them, but spent the night trying to blow them out.  She and I light sabbath candles periodically on Friday nights and she never tried to blow those out….  interesting…

For Hanukkah this year we gave Emily 2 framed pictures – one of her and Cinderella and one of her and Tinker Bell (more on this coming), and Tinker Bell feetie pjs that she was thrilled with!  This year we have really been hitting hard on the idea of giving, not receiving.  A baby doll has been sitting in the front foyer for a week or so, and every time Em passes it she says it is for boys and girls who don’t have toys.  She picked out a gift for our fabulous (and yes, he is fabulous and Em adores him) garbage man and his dog.  Well, D and I got Paul the girt card, but Em picked out the 12 inch bone for Paul’s ENORMOUS dog, Thor.  Em loves Mondays when Paul comes and loves to wave to Thor.  usually, we just tape the card/gift to the trash can lid, but this year, D took Em out to give Thor the bone.  From in the house I heard lots of loud, excited barking, and Em reported back that Thor loved the bone 🙂  She also made Christmas ornaments for her teachers and spent some time thinking over which one was best for which teacher.

The gifts for family and friends are (still unwrapped) sitting on a chair in the stone room and Em talks about who they are for.  I was debating wrapping them, but this morning I caught her sitting on the bench in the stone room, opening the holiday cards I am mailing out extremely late.  If your card comes with a lot of tape on it, it is because Em got to it before I did 🙂

Since I am so far behind, and since we seem to have, um, under-ordered, here is this years holiday card!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!


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