A squirrel proof fortress – well, yes…

Em has always been a fan of birds.  She loves feeding in the birds on the beach, she loves seeing them fly, seeing big ones at the zoo, etc…

Last winter (during the worst winter in 75 million years) I grabbed this little baby off amazon.  We put it up in the dining room (aka the lap running room since we don’t need a formal dining room) window and after about 2 or 3 months (yes, months), the birds found it!  Em was overjoyed!  We got cardinals, titmice, finches, woodpeckers and bluejays and it was just so much fun!

Until the squirrels got in on the act.

These squirrels (actually I have a feeling it is just one super aggressive squirrel) started by climbing up the bushes and leaping over the feeder.  But I outsmarted him but moving the feeder away from the front bushes.   This smart little squirrel then learned how to climb up the solid sheet of glass on the window.  Yes, up the glass! Anything for bird food.  Em would yell at him too – No squirrel, that food is for the birdies!  But he never listened.  Once day we came home from our neighbors house and saw the feeder on the ground in pieces.  Thanks to the very hungry, very aggressive squirrel.  Em asked about it fora  few months too!

So this summer I picked up another bird feeder.  This is billed as a squirrel food bird feeder and is labeled a FORTRESS!  Sold!  I got a garden hanger and stuck it in the ground, and hung the fortress after again, after a while, the birds came.  They LOVE this feeder and they go nutty over the food.  Love it so much that we refill/add food once a week or so.  And not a single squirrel has come.

But no one said anything about chipmunks.

He climbed up the plant hanger and had a pretty decent meal until I went out to shoo him away!


Note that in this picture chippy (Em’s name for all chipmunks) is one one side and a bird is on the other side.  At least they all share…

And then this shot is just a fun one of poor chippy, right before he departed (so far he has not come back either…)

Now we just need a squirrel proof chipmunk proof fortress!


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