Emily’s Third Thanksgiving

Her first Thanksgiving

Her second Thanksgiving

This year I am so thankful that I cannot express it really.  Emily is 2 years, 8 months, going on 13.  When asked what she did in school, she will say, “nothing”.  She is 2 going on 3, and I have heard scarey things about 3 (I recently saw this post about why 3 is worse than 2, and I am NOT yet thankful for 3!).  Then again, I was worried about 2 and 2 is SO much fun…  so I guess you never know?  But this is not the point.

The point is Thanksgiving.  The point is being thankful.

The year I am thankful mostly for little girl laughs – those deep belly laughs where she can barely stand.

I am grateful for little girl hugs.  The random, unsolicited one.  But mostly for the hugs when she thinks I need one.  She has so much love in there and loves to make sure mommy feels better.

I am grateful for wildebeests, because come on, who isn’t? and for husbands who understand the complexity of them.  (what is the plural of wildabeests?  Wildabi?)

The truth is that I am just grateful for my life.  I drive down our street and almost as soon as our house comes into view, I am in awe.  I still cannot get over our little fairy tale house, complete with assorted wildlife, none of whom help me shower, dress or clean… what is up with that?

That said, I am grateful for Disney, mostly due to Emily’s Cinderella and now Tinker Bell obsession.  We read multiple Cinderella books every night (my version), and every night I am grateful for little girl snuggles.  We sit on my bed and she cuddles in and I love every minute of it.

I am thankful that she has started getting really adventurous in her eating, but I also know it could end any second.  It is a constant tightrope walk.

I am grateful for Emily’s capacity to love and there is nothing better than watching her love her dolls, her books, her toys, etc.  Any boo boos that might pop up she is right on and when baby has a bad dream or falls or simply needs a hug, Em is there in a heartbeat.  And even faster when D or I get a boo boo!

But mostly I am grateful for the world’s greatest husband/partner/best friend and the world’s greatest/craziest/funniest daughter/best buddy ever!  I love you both and am so thankful for you!


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