This is delicious

Lately, there is nothing more entertaining that Emily eating dinner.

The other night, I made a tilapia filet (with Parmesan) and jasmine rice (with Parmesan and parsley) for Emily’s dinner.  The goal was to give her half for dinner and the other half for lunch the next day.  Didn’t happen.  Emily started by wolfing down about half of the entire serving (and it was a big one!) of rice and then dove into the tilapia.  After 2 bites, she turned to me and said (swooned?) “Mommy, this is so delicious!”  **melt**  Yeah, I had to make her lunch the next morning.

For lunch I made her a grilled cheese sandwich (that she was still talking about at bedtime), and soup.   Not just any soup – the fabulous homemade chicken stock I made a few weeks ago with noodles and, at the last minute, a handful of corn.  Em’s reaction? The corn was delicious!

Then that night, dinner was a salmon filet (again, big!  baked in stick (chicken, don’t judge me, move on…) with fresh squeezed orange juice and orange slices on top) and quinoa pasta with butter and sour cream.  This time she wolfed down the entire serving of pasta and every trace of the sauce.  And would not go near the salmon.  After some coaxing, she took one bite, and “Mommy, SO delicious!” and there goes the entire salmon filet.

I love cooking, and I have made some really good things (and some not so good, but why dwell on those?).  it is SO much fun to cook for Emily these days!  I just need a game plan that does NOT involve leftovers.


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