Staring at my walls

I remember a bit ago (a few years?  a year?  no clue…), seeing a commercial about the art on walls.  I think it was an HGTV commercial about how to decorate or something,I really don;t recall the exact details.  But I do remember that the woman was saying something like, “How often do you really look at the art on your walls?”.  It might have even been a Target ad or something – how often do you look at the art on your walls?  Hey, buy new art!  Or maybe she was saying we need to change our art?  I really don’t know and it really is not the point.  The point is that I DO look at the art on my walls.  All the time!

No seriously.  All. The. Time.  It used to be that every piece of art on the walls was something I made.  There is something special about that.  Now it is a combo of stuff I have made, stuff Em has made, gifts, clocks and favorite pictures.  I can tell you what is hanging in each room without looking.

Like the downstairs powder room wall that has the clock collection – clocks from places we have visited set to the local time (we don’t adjust them for daylight savings, get over it).  Unfortunately, we generally forget to buy clocks when we travel, or hate all the ones we see.  That is a problem.

Or the stone room that has 2 giant paintings Em did, a stitched piece I did, some Judaica art, a clock from my students when I taught in Jamaica, and pictures of D and I swimming with dolphins.

Want me to keep going?  Because I cal, every room and the basement!  Why hang things that have no meaning?  That makes no sense to me.

One of my favorites is the gallery wall of Em’s art from school.

(that one in the upper left is the first piece of art she did at school.  The other 8x10sa re just my favorites.  The 2 bigger ones are more recent and she and I picked then out together and then decided together where to hang them.  I need more 8×10 frames!)

And this 8×10 of her at the top of the stairs.

I love love love the giant piece she did that hangs on our living room wall.  This is the combination of the wrong side of wrapping paper, water colors, and 17,000 feet of snow and came out fabulous!  I love looking at it.  I especially love the parts where she painted her hands and then did hand prints.

(the sign under it says, “On permanent loan from the Emily Rebecca S—— collection.  Priced upon request”.  So far, no requests 🙂 )

The thing about the art on our walls is that Em notices them too.  There is one in the stone room that she talks about a lot, and double checks the tape on regularly.  She loves the piece I did that hangs in her bathroom, her name (that she did) on her bedroom wall, the Cinderella lithograph D gave me that hangs in our bedroom, and the fish piece that I stitched that is also in our bedroom.  But she also loves her gallery wall, because it is all her art, and she knows that.  So we started a new one.

Yesterday Em, her grandma and her cousin, spent a few hours making art.  Em was beyond thrilled to come up from playing in the basement today to see that I had framed them!  She chose exactly where to hang them.

Now she can sit in her rocker and either watch for deer, or look at her art.


So grandma and cousin D, get ready!  This is only the start of Em’s newest gallery wall – art made with family!

Who says people don’t look at their walls?


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