a magnetic blackboard portal to doom

So you know that wall that is built basically to hide the refrigerator?  Ours is to the left of the fridge and I guess it also serves the purpose of helping the cabinets above the fridge to stay up, but other than that, no purpose!  I hung a white board calendar on it, and at one time I hung a magnetic board for Em on it, but it served no real purpose.

Now it does!

(peek a boo!  You don’t see that fridge do you?  Nope, because the magnificent wall is hiding it! LOL)

The first thing I did was 3 or 4 coats of magnetic primer

I didn’t bother going all the way to the top or bottom or all the sides because I don’t think we are likely to seriously NEED a magnet on the far left side against the wall.  But I was pleasantly surprised because the magnetic primer actually works!  I hung things up with magnets!  Light papers and normal weight pictures and they stayed up.

So next step – blackboard paint.

When D first saw the magnetic primer wall he said it looked like a portal to doom.  Now, even more so!  The blackboard paint went up so nicely and evenly and I think it looks great!  I still need to condition the wall (as per the instructions on the box), but for now, I give you the finished magnetic blackboard wall that now serves a purpose!

Those magnets are holding 2 pictures, a recipe for a small dinner thing Saturday night, a pretty saying I like, and a piece of Em’s artwork on card stock.  That primer is strong enough for me!

Em loves playing with it and while we have not really made great use of it or anything, I think it looks neat and is a fun addition to the house!  But the other day, she and I sat there drawing pumpkins on the board.  She likes to draw and then immediately erase, which means I vacuum that corner a lot 🙂

Want to see some other cool (amazing/insane) blackboards?

edit – want to do a wall like this?  Do NOT condition the wall  it is not necessary and not worth it and frankly, I did not like the way it made the wall look.  After we conditioned it I slapped up another coat of paint and it looks fabulous again.  Em loves it and we use it all the time!


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