Let’s talk records here

Because this was truly the weirdest weekend EVER!  Coming off a string of weather related records, we added one more.

And to add to it…

This weekend, Winter Storm Alfred struck and we got a historic (official) 4.5 inches of snow in OCTOBER!  We never get snow this early!  And out power outages surpassed those from Hurricane Irene (official word came out this morning).  BUT, unlike Irene and our 4 power free days, we only lost power for 26 hours.

Saturday was Emily’s third annual Halloween party.  She was beyond excited to have all her friends coming over to her house, not to mention her Cinderella (ish) dress!  The party was due to start at 1.

That morning we geared up by rocking out to Will.I.Am’s Elmo song.

This first video starts slow, but her dancing at the end is FABULOUS and worth it!

(Doesn’t everyone dance in pink polka dot bunny pjs and a polka dotted apron?)

Then Em helped me decorate for the party by moving the huge cauldron into position.  And then climbing inside.

(this is the third year I have done cauldron shots – click here for last years – the changes are amazing!  When did she get SO big??)

At noon (or so), it started to snow.  BIG TIME.

We were optimistic it would be a quick snow and not amount to much, so we got Em dressed and ready to party!

This is the dress the mice made for Cinderella, because it is pink. And the wand helps us Bibbity Bobbity Bo!

seriously, the socks make the outfit!

At 12:50 D pulled the hot apps out of the oven.

At 12:55 I used the bathroom (no really, this is noteworthy).

At 1:00 the party was due to start and we were wondering if anyone was going to bother to travel in this mess.  Then the emails and text messages started rolling in…

At 1:05 we lost power (which meant we also lost heat, water and the ability to flush toilets, hence the noteworthy use of the restroom at 12:55.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE being on well water, except during power outages.  Well, except during unscheduled power outages when I have not filled the bathtub with water….)

At 1:30 a guest came and our big Halloween party turned into a nice little play date.

At 3:00 we took a walk up the street to our neighbors who were planning to come to party at 2:30, after nap time.  On the way, we checked out our property and despite his efforts to shake the cherry tree on a semi regular basis, Darren was not able to save our cherry tree.

The snow was just too heavy for it.  My rhododendron tree also took a hit but it seems to have bounced back up, whew!

At 4:30 D and the neighbor went out to try to rescue the swing set from the tree branch that fell on it, luckily wish-boning it and not messing with the structural supports.

At 5:00 we went to a local diner (with power although it did blink several times) for dinner.

At 6:30 we dressed Em warmly in fleecy footed pj’s with socks and a sweatshirt, read stories and put her to bed.

At 8:00 D and I gave up and went to sleep to.

At midnight or so, Em came into our bed but wanted nothing to do with blankets (brrr!)

At 5:00 we gave up on sleep, saw that it was 51 degrees upstairs, went down and D built a FABULOUS fire.

At 6:00 we called his parents house (they are still in Georgia) and the answering machine came on!  Power!!

At 7:00 we decamped (after D threw a huge shovelful of snow on the dying fire) and spent the day warm and toasty with hot showers, and toilets that flush.

Mommy look, tupperware will keep us warm!

We also played with a marionette

At 3:30 word came that we had power!  We stayed a bit longer to give the house a chance to heat up, and then we packed up and headed home!

At 5:00 D shoveled the driveway (to avoid the overnight refreeze), Em ate dinner, and I started cleaning up from the party (no water meant I never washed the dishes!)

At 7:00 Em went down for a fabulous night sleep and we closed the book on our weirdest weekend/worst Halloween party ever!

But here is the thing – all of these are billed as “once in a lifetime events”.  A once in a lifetime winter.  A once in a lifetime hurricane.  A once in a lifetime October storm.  I have reached my once in a lifetime limit!


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