It is snowing!

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I hope you are having fun in Georgia.  Mommy says it is nice and warm there.  But here it is snowing!  Really snowing!

It looks like rain in these picture but that is snow.  On October 29th!  Mommy says we NEVER get snow this often in Connecticut.  It has just really started and they are predicting up to 3 inches.  After about 30 minutes of snow or so, the ground already has a dusting.   Mommy says she is not ready for snow, winter, etc…  But, I think it is nice to sit on the sofa in the nice cozy living room and watch the snow and the birdies snacking at our feeder.

Come home soon so we can play in the snow together!  Yesterday Mommy bought me Cinderella snow boots!


Taken with a flash, it is about noon in real life…


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