… and now I have to love Barney

ok, let me be perfectly clear here.  Ever since he came onto the scene, I have HATED Barney.  I see no use for him and planned to NEVER introduce Emily to him. Is he even still on the air (not that she really watched tv…)?

But the only way to keep children from the song (THE song) is to store them in a bubble.

Emily sings the song – you know the one.  The song that gets stuck in your head on repeat and never leaves until you are finally able to replace it with something equally annoying, like “the song that never ends…  it just goes on and on by frieneds… some people started singing it…”

you are welcome!

Until this morning.

I was getting ready for work and Em was singing.  Old MacDonald had a piggy, oink oink here (no, I already did that one), the wheels on the bus (she does the cutest rendition ever!!).  And then it happened.

I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family. (at this point she was standing next to me, get ready to melt!!)

With a great big hug (and she gave me a great big hug!!)

and a kiss (pause for a kiss) from me to you,

Won’t you sing you love me soon (are these even the ready words, she tends to make up new ones and I am not googling it! Typing this put the song in my head again as it is… This is the song that never ends….)

It was, without a doubt, the sweetest thing I have ever heard and ALMOST enough to make me like the big purple guy, or at least appreciate his existence.  We spent the next 20 minutes or so, singing this, hugging, laughing, kissing, tickling, jumping on the bed, and running.

So maybe instead of plotting his demise, I will only pray that he is off the air…

This is the song that never ends….  it just goes on and on my friends… (you’re welcome again 🙂 )

And some recent pictures – here is Em at school playing on the slide

And with her new best friend – the worm.  Yes, my daughter is obsessed with worms.  She picks them up, carries then around, hugs them, cuddles them (likely puts them into cardiac arrest), and redirect them when they are (for some odd reason) inching along in the wrong direction (silly wormy!)


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