pickles in my tea and in my chair

Slowly this blog is turning from Emily’s baby book to a collection of fabulously restored/fixed up chairs.  But since Emily sits on chairs and since I am doing the writing, it is ok.  Right?  (if not, then you can stop reading now, but if you want to see yet another fabulous chair (bringing the tally to 4), read on).

If you are new to my chair obsession, here is the most recent chair overhaul, and here is the beginning of the obsession.  There is no end in sight.

So yesterday I was able to leave work early and stopped into the Habitat Restore and saw this little baby.

There is nothing special about this chair at all.  But that $5 price tag is a nice one.  He had 2 little friends, all similarly priced and I spent about 5-10 minutes with all 3 in a line, debating, pacing, trying to have a vision, and I finally decided to adopt this one.  It is not UGLY (not like the last one), but it is not a chair I would use/display/be proud to have around.

Now, if you have been following the chair features in this blog, you know it takes maybe 30 minutes to turn a chair from, uh, that, to fabulous.  Generally.  This time it took longer.  I normally use Rustoleum spray paint.  This time I tried a new brand and I HATED it (and as I type this, my right hand is still speckled with black spray paint).  So this chair took a bit longer because half way through the first coat, I abandoned ship and went to Home Depot for the good stuff.

And ended up with this

And 5 minutes with a staple gun fixed up that blah brown leather cushion.


I LOVE this fabric!  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric!  Like pink puffy heart love it!  And since that room is basically wood and stone, I am trying to bring bright colors and fun fabrics in where I can.  This does the trick!  I also got an amazing green paisley like fabric for my next chair.  (note to self, get a next chair)

Please allow me to introduce you to my newest chair!

I also love the way it looks in this corner.  See here is the thing.  Our old kitchen table was a tiny little butcher block table that is a great craft table and fits the sewing machine perfectly, and was fine in our condo.  But we wanted a more significant table.  We love the table but didn’t want to spend money on chairs (OMG chairs are so expensive).  So my game plan is to find chairs I like, spray them all black and that will be the unifying feature.  So this chair is a forth (4!!  we now have 4 chairs!  As long as we stick to only 1 guest, then we don’t need to break out the folding chairs!) for the table, but the curve really looks great against the stone.  So I think he will live in the corner for now, to keep Em’s pumpkins company.

I have to say, I am fairly impressed.  All 4 chairs went from blah (or hideously ugly), to something I love.  I get a lot of fulfillment from my work, and of course from my family, but I get a lot of fulfillment from projects like this.  The thrill of the hunt, finding a chair that fits my standards and that I see a future with, and then seeing the chairs new identity emerge is so much fun and hugely satisfying.    I am getting pretty excited for the post Christmas furniture dump that I hear happens at Good Will!  Bring on the abandoned chairs!

I am so proud that this little chair is part of a link party on the following blogs:


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