Mirror mirror, finally on the wall

Emily is still much better!  I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is to see her back to her self, you know?  She has stayed fever free, she is still coughing, and her cough is deep and phlegm-y, but she is SO much better!  Better enough for me to get back to projects!  And this project is a major one – likely the biggest I have ever undertaken in the house (well, so far…).

Emily’s bathroom used to have one of those whole wall mirrors.  I hate those.  I have never been a fan.  I recognize the fact that this kind of mirror is a common design tool to make a room seem larger and yes, her bathroom is tiny!  But I am still not a fan.

I found someone to rip it down for $50 and jumped at that price!  I am NOT going to deal with taking it down myself.  Not an option.  But I was left with this.  Tons of sludgy, tarry, looking glue/adhesive stuff.

And check out the original wallpaper that was in the room.  So clearly there was a smaller mirror in there at one point in time.

So we got to work.  D and I attacked this stuff with scrapers and within a day, it was gone.  I then spent about 2 weeks (off and on but mostly off, I was really busy), spackling and sanding and more spackling and sanding.  I did decide not to remove the wallpaper, but I also decided not to showcase it  🙂

So then I painted, and then I sanded some more and then I spackled some more (and then one of my grad students come by to help) and then this morning I painted some more and now we have this:

It is not pictured, but the shower curtain has purple and green in it (you can see it in the past post of when I originally painted her bathroom), so I went with the green wood mirror.  I love purple and green together and that room is very springy now.  But the best part is that the wall mirror is gone, and that one more project is off my list!  The next project is more than halfway done, and I am hoping to finish it on Friday.  Stay tuned for that one, it is a fun one too!


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