Does anyone have the time?

We do!! We do!!  Because Emily finally has her own clock and I love it!

A few weeks ago, D and I took a whole night away, all by ourselves.  Emily who?  Oh her 🙂  She stayed with her grandparents and in a stroke of luck (for us, not necessarily for them, but that is no my story to share, don’t worry though, all is VERY well 🙂 ), Emily’s cousin, aunt and uncle also stayed there.  And Emily WORSHIPS her cousin, so she was in heaven!

Meanwhile, out of town, I dragged poor D out to the Hartford area Habitat Restore (just opened, and so far, not great at all!), but right next to it was a lovely little consignment store, where we bought this “lovely” little clock ($5).

Hideous, right?!  Wow, this clock is NOT our style at all!  And check out the close up, but be warned because it gets worse.

Yeah, yuck, yuck, yuck!

But have no fear because I turned it into this!


For months now, Em has been asking me where her clock is.  She has never had a clock – ever!  So we fixed that.  I gave her a choice of all 10 or so pieces of scrapbook paper that I have.  Most of them were in various shades of pink, some flowered, some Seuss-ian, and this one (which I confess we bought specifically for this clock since it had the whole clock/gear thing going on).  I was really surprised that Em picked this one but she did, one 2 independent occasions.  The stickers D found and they are glittery and stand out perfectly against the paper.  No, they are not perfectly lined up, but it is not that bad, and doesn’t affect the clock at all.

But today, after about 10 minutes of work, Em now has her very own clock!  That matches nothing in her pink butterfly room, but that is ok, because for now she has chosen to keep it in the sun room.

Now that the clock is done, it is TIME (pun totally intended) for another project.  I have 2 up my sleeve that are very exciting… stay tuned…


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