Why mommy is not a doodlebug

A few days ago I posted about Emily’s favorite new books.  Doodlebug is still a huge hit.   This morning we sat in the rocker in her room and discussed it.

Mommy: Is Emmy a doodlebug?

Em: Yes!

Mommy: Is daddy a doodlebug?

Em: Yes!

Mommy: Is mommy a doodlebug?

Em: No mommy.

Mommy: Why not?  What is mommy?

Em: (thinks for a second) Mommy you are a woman.

Now I just want to point out that we have NEVER talked man/woman with Em at all.  Ever.  Actually, I refer to myself as a girl and I often say things like, “we are silly girls”.  I asked her teacher and they have talked about men and women, but she said they have not linked them to mommy and daddy.  It is official, my child is a genius!

Definitely a “baby book”/blog moment!

And I was all ready to type this up this afternoon, when I get the call.  The Emily has a fever and is really quiet and just not herself.  (for the record, bring quiet is not like herself enough, so when they add that she is not herself, it is not good news).  And Em did not look good when I got there.  We came home and cuddled on the sofa and watched Elmo for a while.  Then while I called to make an appointment with her pediatrician, Em had a snack.  An entire bag of strawberries.  The WHOLE bag.  Take note of this now, it is important information.

Our appointment was at 5, but Em looked terrible at 3, so we got in the car to “go for a drive”, AKA take a nap.  and within seconds, she was sound asleep.  Until 4:30.  perfect timing, so she woke up and we headed right to her doctor.

Em officially has croup (still, it has been 2 weeks, and yes, it was diagnosed 2 weeks ago, lately, we see the doctor a lot), only now she has added an ear infection.  Her fever was never really measured (the nurse measured it at 98.5 but I know it was at least 102.5, and the doctor agreed).  The problem was that Em LOST it.  Seriously, big time, wigging out, completely lost it when her doctor tried to look in her ears*.  Want to know what she lost?  That entire bag of strawberries.  Oh and I was wearing work clothes.  How do you do anything but laugh at this point.  Many many wet paper towels later and Em was (mostly) clean.

So another baby book first – Em’s first throw up.

Here are some pictures of Em from the last week with the croup but no fever.

and playing at the Tot Lot near my parents house

*  I have been trying to write a few posts over the weekends and put them up during the week, and I have a whole post written about how we took Em to the doctor (first croup diagnosis) and figured out a magic way to get her to not cry at all during ear exams.  Yeah, deleting that post!


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