Yom Kippur 5772

This was the best holiday ever!  Em came to services and lasted a good 30-45 minutes.  She loves the music (piano) and singing so much that when the Rabbi spoke, prayed, paused, etc, she asked for more music.  She took Darren’s prayerbook from him several times to “read” it, often asking me “what does this say” and pointing to a specific sentence.  She even got to join in the children’s parade (in my arms, there were a ton of people and she was a bit freaked by that) and carry a tiny stuffed torah.

Unfortunately, halfway through, she tossed to torah back to me and gave me the “I am done, get me out of here” look.  She was sound asleep about 5 minutes later.

This was Em’s first real experience with religion, and I was SO proud of her and really, I loved sharing it with her, it just enhanced that religious experience for me.  However, her fondest memories of the day, however are that she got to ride a pony!



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