E-M-I-L-Y spells Emily

The other day, D and I were relaxing after dinner/lingering at the table while Em played in the sun room.  For the record, he made a fabulous roast chicken and mashed potatoes and I made a fabulous fruit/nut/quinoa salad that was SO yummy!  But I digress…  Anyway, we were sitting at the table, Em was in the sun room playing at her easel (note to self, get more easel paper ASAP!).  Suddenly, out of the blue we heard, “E – M – I – L – Y spells Emily”.


She can spell her own name? is this normal at 2.5?

We have actually been working on spelling her name for a while.  Common conversations went like this:

Me – Emily, let’s spell your name, what comes after E?

Em – M (or F, but generally M)

Me – and what comes after M?

Em – I

Me – and what comes after I?

Em – L!

Me – and what comes after L?

Em – Y and Z!!!!

But she never put the entire thing together before – at least not in front of us!

So mark 10/9/11 in her blog baby book – the date Emily first spelled her name on her own (because you parents you there know that if it happens and we don’t see it, it doesn’t count 🙂 )



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