new books = happy Emily

There is no room in our house that does not have multiple shelves full of books (ok, except maybe the bathrooms).  We are readers.  The guest closet shelves are crammed full of books.  The living room built ins PLUS the bookshelf AND Em’s book box are all full of books.  She has several shelves of books in her room.  And her favorites live in our room, for bed time stories.

I want to share Em’s new favorite 3 books because not only are they fun for me to read, but she thinks they are the greatest books ever!


Come on, who amongst us is NOT a fan of llamas in general?  You know you are, so you might as well admit it.  Em calls this the Llama Llama book and loves that he is wearing red pajamas (especially on the nights that she does too!).

This book did worry me at first because the baby llama has separation anxiety at bedtime and really, that is the LAST thing Emily needs to learn, but so far so good.

I love the line, “Please stop all this llama drama” because it makes me wonder about other dramatic events in the life in a llama.  I need to find more of these llama llama books!




Moving on, from Llamas, to Piggies…





I adore this little piggy!  He is so dedicated to his goal of flying and so determined!  And so positive!  “I will get help!”  The elephant is the perfect straight man/downer/friend/realistic/pessimist and the book is just funny.

Emily adores the part with the doggy and crack up as soon as he appears.






But the best book by far I grabbed on a whim at the local library book sale



I have always called Emily my doodlebug.  When I pick her up from school she calls out “mommy!!” and I call out “doodle!” and she runs to me.  She knows that she is my doodlebug.  When we first read this book, I asked her, what does mommy call you and she said, “Doodlebug!”.
She was obviously ecstatic to learn the title of this book and loves that daddy is a doodlebug too!  Plus the book is so darn cute and funny!   It is almost  Seuss-ian in the oddly put together words, but easier to read 🙂


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