School Picture Day AKA I do not like worms but Emily does

Last week was picture day at Emily’s school.

We spent a few days practicing.

We got some amazing shots, like this one, but also some really goofy ones.

Exhibit A.

The morning of picture day, I practiced again….

Em decided that her blanket (may-may) and Elmo needed to practice too.

I brought the camera outside to keep practicing.  I know that she big issue for Em will be the strange man taking the pictures but we talked about it for a week and I wanted her to be ready for it, you know?  Last year’s pictures she is staring down the photographers So suspiciously!  I know I get lots of great shots, I don’t NEED these, but still…

During out outside photo practice (paparazzi?) session, Em found a worm.  Em LOVES worms.  I do not love worms, she did not get this from me.

Since I had the camera with me already, I took some shots of her playing at school.

I love this picture!  As great as (I think) it is, it is NOTHING compared to some of the other shots I got.  I am not posting them yet because I want to try something with them first.  Stay tuned, they are worth the wait!


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