Shana Tova 5772

Happy New Year Emily!

And as the world celebrates 5772 (and you sleep off the cold with a touch of croup that you are currently battling), here are some recent shots (actually of yesterday, the day we medically confirmed you had a cold with a touch of croup).

Em, we had SUCH fun the morning we went to the doctor.  Really, after a terrible night (one of your worst in recent memory), you woke up SO happy.

This shot is from a series we did of you running back and forth and laughing hysterically.  You kept running to the window and racing back, before I could get a nice shot.  I have a bunch of funny ones like this,and in most of them your tongue is hanging out.

You did pause long enough for me to get a nice shot of you and baby resting

And then you were off like a shot again!

Em, I have so many wishes for you for the New Year.  I of course wish you health and happiness.  I wish you fun, and laughing, and playing, and tickles, and a play dough marathon!  I wish you giggles, and cuddles, and reading books on the living room carpet.  I wish you hours spent watching birds, deer, and other animals right outside our window.  I wish you fun with your friends.

Emily, the past 2 and a half years you have given me so much.  Watching you learn ad grown constantly blows me away. Especially when you do little things that are all me.  Em, you cook in your little kitchen with a dis towel over your shoulder, just like I do.  You use phrases that are all me (yes or no mommy, I working on it).  Watching you grow is such a privilege and an honor.  So my wish is that I spend 5772 repaying you.  I might just wake you up at 3am to get me a snack, but more, I hope to bring to your life the same fulfillment you bring to mine.


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