oral bunny infestation

I have not yet called the doctor (vet?), but Emily has a bunny infestation.  A bad one.  I want to help, and I do, twice a day.  But it is so hard to keep them under control.

Questions?  Does this need any clarification?  All the parents out there know what we were dealing with.  Em was simply not a fan of brushing her teeth.  I don’t know if anyone is ever a FAN, but she was not into it and every time, it was a struggle.  Until the bunnies!  One night I had Em come into my bathroom with her toothbrush.  She came, but grudgingly.  I put the toothbrush down (instant mood improvement!) and asked he to open her mouth.  She did, but only a little.  I jumped and said, “WAIT, Em, what is that in your mouth?  Is that a BUNNY??”.  She started laughing and I said I would brush it out.  That night she had 2 bunnies, a kangaroo and a tiger in her mouth, but don’t worry, we brushed them all away!

Bring on the dentist, Em now LOVES brushing her teeth!

Speaking of animals, Emily learned what a donkey says, sort of…

(check out Emily one year ago…)


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