From blah to FABULOUS

and another chair goes from blah, or in this case, terrible, to awesome!

In case you have missed ALL the chair painting, here is the chair extravaganza post.

The other day I was browsing Good Will for frames and I saw this little guy.


But all day I could not stop thinking about this chair.  I had a vision, and by now you know me when I have a vision.  So my first stop was Bed Bath and Beyond for a shower curtain or pillow case – something I could cover it with.  Followed by a trip to Home Depot for spray paint (of course, yes, I am addicted!)

The entire chair took about 30 minutes to fix up.

The UGLY chair pad started like this

I first covered it with a pink cloth napkin from the BBB clearance aisle ($0.99) and then with a body pillow case, also on clearance ($4.99).


Nope, I didn’t even bother to iron anything!  You gotta love staple guns for this very reason!

Meanwhile, the ugly wood (and I generally love wood!) got a face lift too

FYI, pink spray paint comes right off the driveway and grass with just a hose, whew!  Can you just imagine D’s face to come home and find a pink driveway?

And now… drum roll please!

Em already loves it and she has already tried it out for a meal.  I have sat there too and it is pretty comfy.  Next time I think a bit of padding might be a good idea, but it is fine, really.

One more, before and after, because I LOVE the way it came out!

Total cost:

chair $8

seat coverings $5.98

Spray paint $4 (ish, rounding up)

So for under $20 I got Em aw awesome chair that looks so cute in our stone room and she loves it.  I call that a win!


3 thoughts on “From blah to FABULOUS

    • I assume (and hope) so! I spray painted our dining chairs as well and they are holding up fine. This pink chair does need some wood screws in the middle bar to improve its stability, but the paint is holding up great. And really, if it doesn’t, I can either repaint it, or recall that it was an $8 chair and move on 🙂

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